7 January 2008

Seven days into the new year. Mike & I are really working on the eat healthier, lose weight thing. Haven’t done too much except clean in the past week. People are returning from break, so very soon the semester will abound with craziness.

I need to figure out how to be productive with all the time I’ll have this semester. March & April will be very busy. It’s hard to believe I’ll be leaving here in six months.


17 January 2008

651_44114329367_1887_nEn Route Punta Cana —

I just read the most amazing essay by Nick Flynn in Esquire about torture. Every word was amazing and perfect. Reminding me of the kind of essay writing I’d like to continue to write, moving in and out of different stories, places, etc. but still held together. Reminds me of the writing I did in Ireland.


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7 February 2008

The semester feels like it just began because of AWP in NYC last week. It was so much fun being in NY. I got to see Cindy, Gina, Stef — & Jaime & GTK, of course. I hung out w/ friends more than I did the conference thing, but I felt alive (when I wasn’t hungover).

Anyway, this week was an adjustment after 5 days there. Started some revision today. Really need to work on much more tomorrow. I turn [my thesis] into adjunct & Kathleen next week. Everything is winding down.

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25 February 2008

No UIC. Found out Friday via the web. Only bc of this insane website called grad cafe — who knew? — where people post where they got accepted/rejected. Some people posted that they got rejected at UIC, so I went to their website and sure enough it said “denied.” And then I wonder why? What am I doing wrong? Tonite, I think I need a better sop — or at least one that begins better. And perhaps I’m not a good fit for an English dept since I want to focus on edu.