7 December 2009

Life has turned into work & Noah. Family. The way I feel like a prole. Love my job, love my family, but yesterday I became sad that the best seems to be over & I feel like I don’t have a social life any more. My thoughts of you lost somewhere in too much to do, too much I want to do & don’t have time for. Work.

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19 January 2010

2010. A new decade. My son, 6 months old. A half year with you in it — hot did it go so fast? You’re amazing. Work is sucking me dry — project upon protect, caring too much. Noah brings me such joy every day.

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25 January 2010

A new semester begins tomorrow. A new class: journalism. Wanting to teach it, take the newspaper online and all that, but wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.

How will life feel different when Noah’s 1 year & it’s summer? I dream of a routine that allows me to write. I wonder what will be possible.

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