a guide to reading

I will publish three types of posts:

1. Journal Entries: Actual journal entries, typed up. These will be released one a day until I’ve published my FIRST journal page, 2/27/1983. I’m not sure how long this will take, probably at least a few years. Some years, I wrote a lot; other years, not as much. They will be titled with the actual date I wrote the original entry. Some of my journal entries:

    • will read like poems.
    • will not make sense.
    • will contain errors.
    • will contain swears.
    • will mention a “you.” “You” is typically the same character. If “you” refers to someone else — like one of my sons, for example — I will indicate this in a note before the text.

2. Reflections: Perspectives from my current self, looking back. These posts will be published sporadically, whenever I feel the need to comment on that day’s journal entry. These posts will be titled with the current date.

3. Writings on Writing: After keeping journals for 30 years, receiving a masters of fine arts degree in creative writing, and teaching journalism and English for 11 years, I’ve logged more pages of words — both reading and writing — than I could possible count! These posts will share my experience, knowledge, and thoughts about writing and more. These posts will be published sporadically or as questions come up from my readers. These posts will contain the current date.



To protect my family, friends, and career, a few identifying details may be left out and some full entries might be omitted. Otherwise, entries will appear unedited.


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