I think I want this crazy life | 13 March 2006

photo-47Belle has fleas and they keep biting me. This is the last thing I want to deal with right now. I need to take her to the vet tomorrow and I need to go to the TSU library to work on invite stuff.

Mike and I tried on wedding bands today. Everything is feeling more real. We have a wedding coordinator who will hopefully put my mind at ease.

There is still a lot of work to do — and school will get so insane. And then I need to make poetry.

Rereading S. Plath and some of her journals and her bio — and I think I want this crazy life. All I want to do & can’t live up to.

Life stops us — but we, most of anyway, keep trying.


3 thoughts on “I think I want this crazy life | 13 March 2006

  1. So timely that your old diary entry says you’re reading Sylvia Plath! I have been reading a biography about her over the last couple of weeks. It is called “Mad Girl’s Love Song, Sylvia Plath and Life Before Ted.” In the place I am she is still in college, but beginning to spiral downward psychologically. It has been informative. I read some of her poetry many years ago, but I can’t remember which ones I liked. Just thought I’d share that!

      • I went to the library yesterday and checked out some of her poetry. But I am not understanding most of it. If I wasn’t already reading the biography, I would be lost. However, I can see her constant thoughts on death and suicide. It makes me wonder how no one saw what was in the forefront of her mind all the time!!

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