The Year I Wrote Only Poems

20130729-080222.jpg2007. Much of this year, in this journal, full of poems. Entries that make no sense — sometimes not even to me. An image sparks a moment of creativity and words unfold.

Some of these poems I revised/edited and versions of them ended up in my thesis. Looking back, I wish I had spent more time with some of them (especially the entries on 3/29, 4/8, 4/12. and 4/30); I love the rawness of these poems, unedited and in-the-moment. They say so much without saying anything, my obsessions at the time, trying to write a book of cohesive poems: birds, eyes, different types of flowers.

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If you drew the curtains |15 June 2007

Fredrickburg —

I’m not sure where the month went. I’ve been IAing for the past 2 weeks for a Brit Lit class. Very interesting. Basically, I listen to lectures and take notes. It’s making me get into the theories of the Romantic poets, wanting to reread Shelly’s Defense and Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads. Ideas for thesis. Three week til Ireland.

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9 March 2008

17First entry of a new journal. This journal seems too beautiful for my words. Mike gave it to me for X-mas last year.

I’m in the midst of comps right now — not what I thought they’d be because some of the questions are so formal. I’m trying to write about my own work and its influence, but it’s been difficult under the contraints of these questions.

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14 September 2008

Been a month. Josie had a baby boy. So darling. Life is so precious & wonderful. I love holding him. She had an amazing birth experience sans drugs. Makes me think about all that, about trying to do the same.

Teaching has been wonderful. Fun. Realizing how bored I was teaching comp. Love my seniors. Doing the whole machine of life thing — but this time I know more.

And then today the shock of 4 years later. An email from you. What?! About a poem I wrote — “Chronological.” Wants to know what it means? What do I say? How do I respond? The fantasy has become real — now you’re in my inbox, waiting for a reply. I’ve been writing poems about being here without you & now this.

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