30 December 2007

En Route Austin —

Another holiday season behind us. On my way back from Chicago. Was in Mily for 3 days. Saw Mary, Flo, Kath & Katie & cousin Ann. Josie told us she’s pregnant. This time next year, I’ll be an aunt. Thinking of moving back to Chicago in 6 months is both exciting and scary. Where will we live? What job will Mike find? How will like in Chicago help/hurt our marriage? Kids?

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7 January 2008

Seven days into the new year. Mike & I are really working on the eat healthier, lose weight thing. Haven’t done too much except clean in the past week. People are returning from break, so very soon the semester will abound with craziness.

I need to figure out how to be productive with all the time I’ll have this semester. March & April will be very busy. It’s hard to believe I’ll be leaving here in six months.

3 January 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 will be an amazing year — & a year full of change. You. It’s exciting to think about life with you in it.

Christmas was very nice & busy, visiting family & friends.

For 2009 — I wish for you an amazing life full of travel, learning, friends & family. I hope all your dreams come true — “life is short” your grandfather always says. Live it to its fullest.

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2 January 2013

AJ and me on New Year's Eve in Utah.

AJ and me on New Year’s Eve in Utah.

I need my nights back so I can write. Somehow it’s 2013 already. AJ and I just got back from Utah where my friends rented a house and went skiing. AJ and I just hung out. One day we explored main street in Park City, found a book shop named Atticus. I feel even closer to him, a special bond and special memory created for us, even while he is so young. Six months. He’s clapping his hands andĀ sittingĀ up and eating solids and soon he will be on the move. His blue eyes get brighter each day and remind me of why I fell in love with his father. There’s a spark there.

2013 — How did I get here, almost 37.

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