25 things about me

Welcome to FIRST PAGE LAST, where I’m blogging 30 years of journals as I write a memoir about love. Click here to read an excerpt.

  1. IMG_2196My name is Evelyn Aubrey Lauer. My dad named me after his mother who died when he was 18, and after a 70’s song, “And Aubrey was Her Name.”
  2. I’m married.
  3. I have two sons (3 years and 9 months).
  4. I teach high school English.
  5. I’m a high-school journalism adviser.
  6. I live in Chicago; was born in Milwaukee; have lived in Wisconsin, Iowa, California, Illinois, and Texas.
  7. I’ve traveled to every state in America except Alaska and Delaware. My goal was to hit all 50 by 30, but life got in the way. Now the goal is by 40.
  8. I have a masters degree in poetry.
  9. On my 30th birthday, I bought my wedding dress and branded myself with a tattoo of a light bulb.
  10. I want my ashes spread over the Atlantic Ocean at the edge of Dún Angeus on Inishmore, Aran Islands in Ireland so I can swim forever.
  11. I married my husband on a vineyard near Santa Barbara. When I was 23, I sat in a chair at that same vineyard and told my friend Mary that I would get married there some day.
  12. I cry at the end of most romantic comedies—no matter how cheesy they are.
  13. If I were a boy, my name would have been Zebulon. I would’ve made people call me Z.
  14. I HATE being tickled. My room 101 is being tickled to death.
  15. 1984 is my favorite book (to read and teach).
  16. Last book I read: At Home in the World
  17. My last meal: Grilled cheese and fries from Mickey’s in Iowa City;a turtle sundae from Gillies in Milwaukee; and a bottle of Turnbull cabernet.
  18. I dream of a garden full of just bleeding hearts.
  19. I’m jealous of my sister’s olive skin.
  20. I fell in love for the first time at 16.
  21. Fall is my favorite season.
  22. I spent my childhood in four places: home, school, the back yards of my neighborhood–and in a swimming pool.
  23. Things I’m obsessed with: the moon, stones, blue eyes, lilacs, red leaves.
  24. Camus is my favorite author.
  25. This is not my first blog, but it’s the one I’m the most excited about.



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