9 March 2008

17First entry of a new journal. This journal seems too beautiful for my words. Mike gave it to me for X-mas last year.

I’m in the midst of comps right now — not what I thought they’d be because some of the questions are so formal. I’m trying to write about my own work and its influence, but it’s been difficult under the contraints of these questions.

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On Writing (Poetry): Letters on Glass

Since my last few entries were about my MFA thesis, I thought I’d publish the title poem from it, “Letters on Glass.” The final project for an MFA degree in poetry is a book of poems. My thesis connects to my memoir project in many ways: It’s about a past relationship and how it stays with you for a long, long time — even though it failed. Both of my books explore those feelings; my memoir just tries to make sense of them in a more transparent way. The poems are more abstract, but poetry is for me. It’s about moments and emotions and the words on the page (and the white space; the pauses or caesuras are as equally important as the words) conveying those experiences in ways no prose can.
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19 May 2008

Chicago — Back to you. This city. After 3 years in Austin, I feel like I’m visiting. When will this become home again?

Leaving Austin was a whirlwind — so much social stuff, trying to say goodbye to everyone. And MFA prom — how much fun it was! All of it over — and yet I don’t feel like I gave myself a chance to feel sad about it.

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