Too busy to write | 17 January 2007

Too busy to write? Not really. I really have no excuse for my laziness when it comes to writing lately. The holidays flew by, and I was extremely busy, out every night in Chicago.

School was supposed to start yesterday, but an ice storm canceled classes for two and a half days. Now it’s just wait.

I dreamt of you the other night, real life, my husband and your wife, as if we were all friends, hanging out to watch a Bears game.

And wouldn’t it be lovely to be in each other’s lives if only for entertainment.


Captured, the light around your face |13 May 2007

Enroute Austin —

On our way back from our anniversary trip to the Santa Ynez Valley — our weekend of wine tasting. It was a good trip. Tasted a lot of wine, bought quite a lot too. Went to some new vineyards that I really liked a lot. Basically all we did was eat and drink wine, but it was fabulous.
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18 October 2007

I’m supposed to be on a plane to Paris right now but I’m in Chicago instead. Delays and I missed my connection, so here I am once again in the city of you, city which I found you, including where I wished I found you. Held, held over. There are lights, each one — it is fall here. I feel you tonight, the breath of leaves.

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19 October 2007

photo-18City of you — somewhere, I walk on the sidewalks here covered in fall, those red leaves I swore I’d never leave and I did.
If I could erase the space that is between us. I might no longer desire you, so says Carson. But I only dream of tearing you apart to jump inside you, to be there sucking on your heavy heart.

30 December 2007

En Route Austin —

Another holiday season behind us. On my way back from Chicago. Was in Mily for 3 days. Saw Mary, Flo, Kath & Katie & cousin Ann. Josie told us she’s pregnant. This time next year, I’ll be an aunt. Thinking of moving back to Chicago in 6 months is both exciting and scary. Where will we live? What job will Mike find? How will like in Chicago help/hurt our marriage? Kids?

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