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My First Journal

My First Journal. The first entry is dated February 27, 1983.

On February 27, 1983 — a week shy of my seventh birthday — I started my first journal, a lock-and-key diary of the Little Twin Stars from the Hello Kitty series. Even with the lock, my younger sister still found her way into its pages, but her snooping never stopped my writing.

Now –a week shy of my 37th birthday — I begin my 18th journal.

Here’s the catch: Instead of revealing my entries chronologically from 1983 to now, I’m telling my story in reverse order, beginning today as an almost 37-year-old teacher/writer with a husband and two sons. Each day, I will release a new (old) journal entry until I get to that memorable day on Feb. 27 in 1983 when something significant happened in my seven-year-old world — something diary-worthy.

So began my journey as a writer. How did I get here? Read my journals — backward — and find out!




8 thoughts on “start here

  1. i am a friend of Josephines
    she sent me your link
    i like your writing
    and will try to read your blog from time to time
    i am not the best at keeping up electronically with things of the world

    thanks for teaching the young and old about writing and gifting all of us a peek into how you have gotten to where you are
    i am sure we will all learn from you
    greg c

  2. I am getting nervous and I have not started reading yet. Maybe I am nervous because there IS NO WAY I could do this, and I over-share, but post your diaries!

    This is awesome.

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