5 November 2011

Almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees — a beautiful, late fall day here. I took Noah to the zoo. Spending time with him is so precious & important now. I worry about how the new baby will change my relationship with him. He’s my best friend, my companion, my son, and I’m so in love with every part of him.

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30 January 2012

I feel big already in this pregnancy & I’m only 18 weeks. Wondering how it will feel to have a baby again, go through all that & thinking about work. What I’m doing & how I might feel next fall — & beyond. Trying to predict. A lack of money, less money. 2 kids. And how I can’t imagine my life without Noah in it. And his sibling inside me, unknown but soon I will feel the same about. It’s all so strange & lovely.

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3 February 2012

photo-7(Note: These are initial notes for my book. This is very rough, first-draft material. How writers work. It embarrasses me to publish this, because it’s so raw. But the purpose of this project is to be real and open and not hold back. Just keep in mind that it’s rough.)

Here’s a moment:

An August morning, the air condition providing us with the only cooling. You say, “I love you” as you leave my apartment after a random reunion night together.

(It’s the last time I saw you.)

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Reflection: On Having Boys When I Wanted Girls

IMG_0409I originally published this in 2009 on a blog called Letters to NMW, where I wrote pieces to Noah/about Noah.
It’s been a long time since I wrote you. Such is my life as a working mom.

You turned five months on Monday, and each day you become more and more active. A few weeks ago you mastered the roll, every way. You now prefer your tummy, even sleeping on it. You’re beginning to army crawl. Your giggles fill our house. It’s Christmas time. And I’m in love.

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