Captured, the light around your face |13 May 2007

Enroute Austin —

On our way back from our anniversary trip to the Santa Ynez Valley — our weekend of wine tasting. It was a good trip. Tasted a lot of wine, bought quite a lot too. Went to some new vineyards that I really liked a lot. Basically all we did was eat and drink wine, but it was fabulous.

All of it over now, and next week Jackson Hole for Regan and Tim’s wedding and then to Chicago for a week or so. Just dreading the drive. A week off before all of that. Not sure what I’ll do. Spend sometime at coffee shops writing, working on poems, send stuff out? Need to exercise — considering four days of detox to rid the system of this weekend’s debauchery and before the debauchery that Chicago will inevitably bring.


Captured, the light around your face
break for me, broken down on the side
of the road, I held out my thumb
for you to stop for me. Yesterday,
it was over, the gravel bed you
made in the ninety-degree heat. I
held my head up for you,
so you could see my wrinkles like
rivers. That’s when the time


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