“A Place that Evokes No Memory of You” | 7 July 2007

008 - CopyEn Route Shannon —

A lucky day unlucky for me. I left my new trench coat that I bought in NYC on my first flight. I didn’t realize it until three hours later when I was boarding my flight to Shannon — and by then it was too late. I’m such an idiot. I told the flight attendant and he reported it then gave me a number to call for the lost and found at O’Hare. They will call me (or Mike) if they find it.

For some reason this hit me hard — I cried earlier. I think I’m just so mad at myself — a) I love that coat b) it was new c) I wasted $100 — and I am so forgetful and I lose shit and I spend money only to blow it. Also, now I don’t have a warm jacket for Ireland. I think of going overseas and leaving Mike and Belle and this didn’t help matters. I just wanted to be with them at that moment — and start the day over. Such is life.


Another trip to Ireland. Different than both times — and will any be like the first (one of my best weeks). I tried to email Charlie — and it bounced back to me. He must have changed his email. That one regret.

I’m excited to for this study abroad experience but I know it’s going to be a lot of work — trying to write about the Aran Islands like Synge did, trying to capture the feeling had the first time.

A place that evokes no memory of you — and yet you’re always with me.


In the lost jacket
I found the breakfast in your heart,
that bacon and eggs we used to eat,
when we were young and made
love on linoleum floors. Yesterday
is when I tried to tell you
it was over and you listened
intently. And it was.


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