18 July 2007

16Rock of Cashel —

Cashel = fort (latin word, castellum)

History. Trying to imagine a time when the choir sang here, when the chapel was filled with song instead of tour guides’ fast facts. It’s almost impossible in our modern world to imagine anything like that. A time of the Bronze Age when people used makeshift spears and axes. To have to live in a castle, to peer out from a watch tower, why all of that seems more romantic than I’m sure it was for them.

unfounded, unfounding
where I uncovered you
an eroded carving in a
limestone wall, the body —
the bull that now resembles
a hippo — of it without the head —
This is where I lost your eyes,
(If you were buried here,
I might walk over you.)

the face was uncovered
without eyes, mouth opened,
mouth as if to swallow
me whole. I wanted to
sledgehammer it, and break
my invisibility.

rock of you, rock of your
mouth, your mouth opens,
as if to swallow
whole. rock recovered,
restored. Your eyes
like stones.

stones of dragons, of
calves, of bulls, stones of faces
without eyes, with opened mouths,
stones of



This is where the story begins.

Empty boats in the empty rain in this empty harbor town. Emptiness

(and you fill me up.)

We sit on the edge of the water and watch the sailboats.

What is the point of this article?

Is it just about Charlie? about missed opportunities? about the nature of love?


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