14 August 2007

Cahir Castle

En route Chicago — On my way home. I’m finally ready to be there after a long weekend of traveling. Ireland — studying abroad — was different: I felt home there. Traveling with friends is traveling with friends — exhausting but fun. It’s hard to believe it’s over, wanting to return to Ireland and study Synge and just write and explore.

In 2 months I’ll be back in Europe — France + Spain — with Mike this time. Wanting to “live” abroad again. Wanting the life that Synge and other writers had — living in new places. Makes me think I’ll never get there. To become more than we’re meant to be…


The clock has eyes
instead if hands; it watches
you, you watching the time
as if you need to be
somewhere — don’t we all need to? —
I drove the heart into your second-hand,
mixed blood and all that I wanted
to forget could happen. If it
had wings, if I could give it wings,
to race to the end of you me and
find us there, I might


Moken people (island off of Thailand) –> research this more
no word for “when”
no concept of time
(no hello and goodbye)


En route Austin — I’m minutes away.
to return home
mask that I wear
worn over eyes
darkness, the whole
light of it waits for you
in O’Hare I want to see
your face along the white
tile, to feel my heart
drop into my bowels
and this rise again.
when is not a word



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