On Writing (Poetry): Letters on Glass

Since my last few entries were about my MFA thesis, I thought I’d publish the title poem from it, “Letters on Glass.” The final project for an MFA degree in poetry is a book of poems. My thesis connects to my memoir project in many ways: It’s about a past relationship and how it stays with you for a long, long time — even though it failed. Both of my books explore those feelings; my memoir just tries to make sense of them in a more transparent way. The poems are more abstract, but poetry is for me. It’s about moments and emotions and the words on the page (and the white space; the pauses or caesuras are as equally important as the words) conveying those experiences in ways no prose can.

Letters on Glass

    There was an opening:

your body against the curve of
the bay window, how the heat
fogged it, how we were happy

writing letters    on glass

S after S, that movement of an almost-eight:
body of snake, body of water
where I found you drowning—

    There was a boat

called Dance of the Moon, you drove it
into the heart so I could feel cold
against my skin.

I dove into glass
                surge of
                reflection of
                moon your eyes

If I could, I’d send you this pebble of blue,
this piece of broken glass, smoothed by the sea.

But the stars already            their names.


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