8 September 2009

Noah is 8 weeks. It’s so hard to believe. He’s growing so fast. I’ve decided not to have the test done because he’s been feeding much better. The acid reflux seems to be bothering him less. We had a horrible night of him screaming in pain from constipation — I think I made the formula wrong — and once again, I feel to blame for all of it.


Now he’s not sleeping that great again. He got used to sleeping on us that night because he was in pain & we wanted to be near him to soothe him.

 I swam tonight for the first time since Noah was born; it felt good to move in the water again. I still feel overwhelmed about everything: my health, his health, trying to maintain a house + a marriage, trying to stay sane myself by socializing, making sure he has time to eat, sleep, do his exercises/tummy time, etc. I feel like a bad mom sometimes because it feels impossible to do it all and I’m not even working yet. How are we supposed to know about sleep schedules, etc? I feel stupid when it comes to this parenting thing.

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