11 July 2011

Vinci, Italy —

Can’t sleep. Not enough time to write and work here with the days full of activities  — eating & drinking. I’m thinking of taking the day off tomorrow to work and sleep. Things are not working for me & I’m not sure what I will produce for DaVinci — poems, blog posts, a long narrative, a journalistic piece. I know what I could do — but I don’t have the time for that — to shadow one of the growers or winemakers to tell his story. I’m not sure what I will do.

To read what I did produce for DaVinci Wines, click here.


The 2011 DaVinci Storytellers (from left to right): David Jon Kassan, Kerry Shaw Brown, Janelle Maiocco, and Evelyn Lauer (me). To apply to be a DaVinci Storyteller: http://www.facebook.com/DaVinciWine/app_351206568330781


Grower Artibano Menchini on his family’s land in Montalcino.


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