9 August 2011

Wow — I really haven’t written in here in awhile. Summer now over before the school year starts. This summer I didn’t work at all — unlike last summer. I spent lots of quality time with Noah, focused on our wine blog a lot, went to Italy for a contest I won for DaVinci Wine — which was incredible — and Mike & I went to Virginia for the Wine Bloggers Conference.

I just had a long lunch with GTK — a great convo about love & relationships and where I’m at in my head these days. Longing for something — the old me mostly.

To have the lust for life I had in my early 20s again!

Noah turned 2 while I was away in Italy. I missed him so much. I’m so in love with him, the moments we share. Two of us at a diner singing cheesy love songs.


I love him in all the ways I never knew I would.

My son.

Mike & I are trying for baby #2 — why am I so uncertain? Knowing I want Noah to have a sibling.

Things that Noah says that I love:

“Mommy, miss you.”

“Mommy play dinos.”

“No-no watch Dino Train.”

Belle poops in the house.”

“T-Rex eats meat.”



“Zebras eat grass.”

When he squeezes me into a hug/kiss with so much intensity, it makes me want to explode — the love there.



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