10 March 2012

1724 weeks or so — this pregnancy flying by in many ways too busy to stop & think about it.

[The publication that I advise] was named a Pacemaker finalist last week & a Crown finalist. It’s been awesome. We go to Seattle in a month to find out if we win a Pacemaker. I also get my Rising Star award.

In other news, I’m secretly writing a book/memoir called Twenty Years of Love(s). It’s about my love life from the moment Dan kissed my under a leap-year moon to the birth of my 2nd son — and everything in between. I also go back in time a bit to my childhood & wearing the brace to put my mindset on love in context. I’m really enjoying the process — writing again feels great too. I feel more alive & happy.


2 thoughts on “10 March 2012

  1. Oh, I was wondering if the writing you keep referring to was a book project of some sort. So cool! I’d love to read your memoir when it’s done and published!

    • Thanks, Tina. Yes, I started the project last February (more posts about this later this week). I stopped writing right before AJ was born. I needed a break from it (the book is very emotional and so is having a baby!). Now, I’m back at it, with the hopes of finishing by year end.

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