18 April 2012

IMG_0163Was in Seattle last weekend for JEA/NSPA. Received my Rising Star award — very nice ceremony. We didn’t get a Pacemaker — but that’s ok. Lots of subjectivity there. Shooting for next year.

I feel like my writing has slowed a bit. Almost at 30,000 (closer to 27,000). Trying to finish senior year chapter.

Almost 30 weeks. 10 weeks til I’m having another baby — children instead of child. I’m sort of freaking out. Not feeling ready to bring another infant into our lives — but it’s happening …


2 thoughts on “18 April 2012

  1. I was very proud of you when you got your award (I hope you enjoyed it; teachers get too much blame and not enough recognition). Sometimes people advise moms to lower their expectations, but I like that you aim high and give yourself extra projects. Better to try and fail than not try at all.

  2. Thanks, Sara. It was a very happy moment! I believe it’s important for women to aim high and have high expectation for ourselves. I’m reading a book about this now: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. So far, I’m really loving it.

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