2 January 2013

AJ and me on New Year's Eve in Utah.

AJ and me on New Year’s Eve in Utah.

I need my nights back so I can write. Somehow it’s 2013 already. AJ and I just got back from Utah where my friends rented a house and went skiing. AJ and I just hung out. One day we explored main street in Park City, found a book shop named Atticus. I feel even closer to him, a special bond and special memory created for us, even while he is so young. Six months. He’s clapping his hands and sitting up and eating solids and soon he will be on the move. His blue eyes get brighter each day and remind me of why I fell in love with his father. There’s a spark there.

2013 — How did I get here, almost 37.

2012 brought me AJ, my most precious gift. Noah’s brother, my last baby.



  1. Be a more present mother. (Put phone away.)
  2. Get treadmill/work out.
  3. Focus on writing again. Thinking about a new blog idea. (The First Page Last: 30 Years of Journaling. 2013-1983). My life backwards. A project.
  4. Get organized. Make my home a home.
  5. Try not to let work consume you.
  6. Begin to travel again as AJ gets older.
  7. Cook more.



One thought on “2 January 2013

  1. So I made #3 happen. That was clearly a priority. #1 is always a challenge for me. #2: I bought one; haven’t used it much. #4 is a joke. Really. #5 is also a challenge. #6 is definitely happening: Lots of trips planned. And #7, sometimes.

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