10 January 2013

A good day @ work. Why did I have you read 1984, I ask 4th period. One of my students answers, “Because it’s like life, society, why we do the things we do without questioning them.” Yes! Yes! The b.s. of life. In those 10 minutes today, I had them — most of them. They got it — the bigger picture. To think past Big Brother and really dig into the deeper meaning. The things in life that control us — the machine. “Society.” The pressure. Why I felt the urge to get married and have kids — why I wish I didn’t. What’s it all for anyway? Everything in that book is so relevant  Orwell was a genius. Truly. To have his mind, to have known it. How great literature stands the test of time.

Sometimes my job feels important and relevant — like I really do make an impact on young minds. The way they see the world, the way they will see it — or might.


14 thoughts on “10 January 2013

  1. Evelyn, just wanted to let you know that your new blog is in my Reader now, and I look forward to your every post. It’s a brave thing you’re doing here. Brave and honest. I wish more of us would be so. I salute you and look forward to what’s next.

    • Thanks for reading, Tina. Brave, yes. Sometimes I think stupid. Tomorrow’s is a post I wish I didn’t write. But I did.

      • I think in order to be brave, we have to allow ourselves to be stupid sometimes. But I also think that we’re also too hard on ourselves. So, what you think is stupid, is not necessarily so.

      • Please excuse my grammar and overuse of “also” and “so.” It’s been a long day….

      • Probably. Thanks. We are definitely too hard on ourselves, especially women. And we are hard on each other.

  2. On the flip side, I went into my honors ALCH class today and wrote “Stockholm Syndrome” on the board. Of course, none of them knew what it meant. I explained the term, then said, “Your lack of effort is holding my curriculum hostage. However, I will not develop Stockhold Syndrome. How do you want the rest of the semester to go?”

  3. I remember your class, senior honorable English. And I am definitely seeing the way society works and the hamster wheel we are part of called life.

  4. You do realize that you introduced us to a level of thinking that was beyond what we expected? It has informed me through out my 20s.. Loving this blog!!

    • This puts a huge smile on my face. I was thinking of you today and those CL shoes you bought! Anyway, that’s why I love teaching seniors. You need to come back and talk to my classes!

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